We strive to learn
and understand your goals
and initiatives.

formerly Image 360 and Allegra Pittsburgh



We strive to learn and understand your goals and initiatives. We do not pretend to be the experts in anyone’s business, but we rather entrench ourselves in learning how our diverse skillsets and wide range of services can help to exceed expectations.

Creative Vision

Creativity and design is where it all begins. Our team of designers understand the necessity of unique ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. No design concept is an “off the shelf”product. We continuously develop a distinctive vision for each project with modern concepts and a creative approach.


When concepts are ready to become a reality, novum designs has the in-house capabilities to bring all conceptual ideas to life.  Our team of in-house fabricators engage themselves in the unique features of every project.  Our market reputation (formerly Image360) did not come accidentally but was the result of years of commitment to excellence and exceeding client expectations.


Our in-house installation team has one goal in mind – to ensure the entire installation process is a complete success.
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